Weekly Round-Up – Week 3

We’re now officially 1/6th of the way through HND Semester 1 and already I feel as though I’m falling behind a little bit (not a lot but enough to get my academic brain into gear again). However, while the madness has now started to begin I’m feeling a lot better about some of the tasks that are coming up.

In particular Advanced Image Editing – while complicated enough to make even the best of graphic designers tear their hair out – sounds really fun. Once the initial research for outcome 1 goes in in a few weeks, we will have the chance to get really creative with the program and make our photographs become unique or quirky and after having looked up some tutorials during class, I got hit by a massive wave of inspiration.

Back when I first started to learn how to edit graphics almost a decade ago – insert a nostalgic sigh here – after being inspired by one of my Finnish online friends, I used the GNU Image Manipulation Program (also known as G.I.M.P) to make fun images based around my interests. I dabbled with it a lot and didn’t have a clue what layers or blend modes were leading to some pretty horrific images. But as the years went on I learned to make composite images – or manips as they were referred to – just from playing around with the buttons and options and while they were certainly not works of art, they were a damn sight better than what I had made before.

In 2009 and 2010 I undertook my Higher Photography qualification and I started to use Photoshop a bit, but as it wasn’t the most cost effective option for a seventeen year old, I tended to stick with the program I knew and so was able to edit my photographs. But after that I started to lose the creativity. Sure, I made posters for my University Musical Theatre group for a couple of years, but making a poster isn’t the same as just unleashing your thoughts and producing a truly creative image. And it’s this experience I’m looking forward to as i has been so long since I last felt I had the chance to do this and it is my hope it’ll get me being more imaginative with the images I take as I’ll have an idea in my head as to how I could use them in post-production.

Like previous weeks, the rest of my classes have been good and very informative – particularly documentary. We were introduced to some Scottish documentary photographers and projects, and watched a few videos detailing some of the work undertaken. Oscar Marzaroli definitely caught my interest due to his works based in the Gorbals of Glasgow and the footage we saw was really enjoyable. I’m a sucker for watching videos that show places I know the way they used to look before I was born (I may have spent the last few weeks of my summer holidays watching old videos of Motherwell and Bothwellhaugh) and even the music played in the background was brilliant. The song “They’re Pulling Doon The Building Next Tae Oors” (here) gave me a good chuckle but was also rather sad as well when coupled with images of the old tenements being torn down.

Social and Fashion were also enjoyable today. The class had the chance to learn how to pose multiple people for photographs and were introduced to the studio light’s handy batteries which’ll be useful for our upcoming location shoots, with many a laugh added into the mix as well, so all in all it’s been a good week once again.

Anyway, as I’ve been talking about demolished buildings, my featured image is an old photograph I took about 6 years ago when a tower block was torn down in my hometown. I also recorded a video so if you’d like to see the moment the place came to the ground, you can find it here: https://www.youtube.com/embed/xXt3hxeLee0?start=58 (do excuse the ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ from myself and my family, we were overwhelmed.)


Demolition of Glencairn Tower in Motherwell (2011)



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