A Study In Windows

Last week the class was given a challenge to take five photographs of “windows” and let me tell you, I didn’t believe I would manage to get some nice images out of it. Now, when asked to do something I will attempt to follow it through as best I can,  but with only a limited span in which to carry the task out, I lacked the time I needed to get my thoughts in order and decide what I would like to try and do or the kinds of shots I would like.

But a challenge isn’t a challenge if there isn’t any pressure on you to get it finished, so I hatched a plan to visit Glasgow and have a look at all the different kinds of architecture in the City Centre. I had a look online to see if there were any notable places and one that took my interest was the Lifehouse. It stands high above the city and gives a wonderful view of all the buildings through the windows at the viewing platform – but on doing more research I discovered this was to be closed on Monday so that ruled out one image. There was also the Ca’D’oro building next to Central Station which was a fascinating example of architecture and I did manage to get some good shots of it, but I didn’t include them within my final five. I also trawled Google Maps on street view mode to let me see the surroundings of the areas I knew and that helped me pinpoint the locations of a few more modern looking locations which I was able to visit as well.

While my intention was to try and get the images as quickly as I could so I had time to work on them at home, my mother (my glamorous assistant for the day) and I ended up on the Subway and got a quick visit to both the Riverside Museum and the Botanic Gardens to see what we could find. Luckily inside the museum there is an old street set which has many old storefronts and upon noticing a photography shop, I couldn’t not take some snaps. The Botanics obviously have large glass houses so it was a good place to go to for some window based shots, while also introducing mum to the location as she had never visited before. No doubt she’ll return with me again in the future when it is time to shoot some plant images for other projects.

After 8 hours of wandering around what felt like the entirety of Glasgow I spent a few hours at night working on Photoshop to try and get the images looking they way I wanted. The first three took a while because I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do with them right away, but the final two were easier and were completed much faster (possibly thanks to a cheeky night-cap I’d all but downed before tackling them).

Anyway, my 5 final images are below and I rather like them. The styles may not all match up with them but I was trying some new things and playing around with the knowledge I have using Photoshop, so even if I may not be happy with the images in their entirety, I’ve been able to use them to expand my knowledge a bit more in other ways which is always a bonus.



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